Urban Oasis Garden to Happier Home

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Wonder how a verdant landscape breathes life into the interior and does wonder.

Nature heals.

Connecting with nature can awake the innermost feelings of happiness and peace, and Environmental Psychology has gone a long way in proving this fact (Bell, Greene, Fisher, & Baum, 1996). Environmental psychology is rooted in the belief that nature has a significant role in human development and conduct. It believes that nature has a vital contribution to the way we think, feel, and behave with others.

Just by being outdoors and using all our senses to appreciate nature, we can be more mindful of the present, gain emotional resilience, and combat stress with more vitality. We become naturally immune to anxiety, emotional ups and downs, and thought blocks, thereby feel more lively and energetic than before.

In the urban living lifestyle, an oasis garden has become a “luxury” concept.

A captivating urban landscape provides a modern home with a special sense of serenity and allows nature to become a major part of a home’s makeup. Enclosed garden spaces act as personalized nature retreats that feed into home design. Explore these glorious spaces a little more and look at the different ways in which they can be implemented.

restful courtyard

urban oasis makes perfect with water feature

tropical themed softscape

integration of light & shadow

keep spirits up with balcony!

moments for contemplation

interiors with vertical landscape


dining in the nature

bath like never enough

how can we leave the staircase out

Credit images: Pinterest