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Redefining Work Space at Home

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Home offices were the spaces we didn’t know we would need at the beginning of 2020—but now hold a place in people’s homes. These spaces were one of our most popular design requests this year, with so many people trying to figure out how to incorporate a work-from-home space into their homes. From dedicated rooms to desks tucked in closets and nooks under the stairs, let us celebrate the challenge of bringing a home office design into even the most unlikely of spaces.

Firstly, Inspiration- pitch your concept

Whether you are creating your first home office or remodelling your existing workspace, your work zone should reflect your style, promote maximum productivity and functionality. Here are some home office design ideas which will give you inspiration and motivation to decorate your home office. Perhaps you’ll find some inspiration for your own home office in the mix!

Secondly, Location- choose a dedicated space
Creating a stylish home office involves choosing a dedicated space and filling it with practical, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing office features. By creating a custom space designed to meet your specific needs, “going” to work each day becomes a little easier. If your home includes a guest bedroom or room that’s under-utilized, it might be a perfect location for your new home office. Otherwise, a shared-space office can be designed with nooks in the dining room, living room, bedroom, or even the dry kitchen. To create a home office filled with natural light, the best option is to create it by the window or a balcony.

Shared workspace in living or guest room
Home Office Space Interior    Home Office Space Interior

Workspace by a plain wall
Home Office Space Interior    Home Office Space Interior

Workspace at unutilized corner
Home Office Space Interior     Home Office Space Interior

Workspace by the window

Balcony space transformed into workspace

Left: Workspace integrates with storage cabinet;    Right: The kitchen double up its function as workspace

Workspace extended into exterior

Thirdly, Fit-up- select furniture & accessories
Depending on the nature of your work, your storage can be mobile or fixture. Next, you have to think of a table. You can choose a large or a small table depending upon the size of your home office. What you definitely can’t miss while decorating a home office is having a comfortable chair with beautiful cushions. You might think about decorating the background as well. As for the colors, there is no hard and fast rule. You can go for muted tones or dark tones or pastel hues or vivid and bright colors. The last piece of the puzzle will be accessories to the work area with some décor items like inspirational quotes, picture frames, art sculptures, or indoor plants.

Here are 20 picks of affordable stylish home furniture ideas.