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Discover the Colours that Invigorate Your Souls

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In uncertain times, our homes become even more important. We want to feel safe and protected, and with colors, we can create the nourishing atmosphere we need. Our needs can vary from day to day, and from room to room. With beautiful colors and contemporary color combinations, a complete home is created, with room for both aesthetics and everyday life.

1. Earthy shades- A palette that encourages slow living.

home interior colorWe know that earthy tones have conquered our homes a while ago, and they are here to stay. Warm rustic shades remind us of the nurturing earth we all come from.

Clay, stone, sand, and soil are the raw materials from which our houses and cities are made, the essential building blocks of human life. Reds and browns, muted yellow, rustic bright: these grounding shades center us in times of turmoil. They are imbued with a sense of stability and security.

Whether creating a small, coy area to relax and daydream or decorating entire spaces, these hues transport us to simple times and rural settings, evoking heritage and history, rich cultural traditions, and the crafts of the hand.

image credits: Hommes. studio

2. Soft Neutrals- Layering neutrals create richly textured spaces.

home interior color

In a world of noise and clutter, we are drawn to clarity and peace. We find them by dialing down the volume of our homes, removing the superfluous, and celebrating the simple.

Neutral colors are timeless colors that are easy for the eyes. The definition of neutral color is a hue that lacks color with low saturation. They are created by mixing a primary color with a neutral color. This tones the color down so that it appears to lack color. When used correctly, neutral colors can create a powerful yet controlled visual effect. Well-chosen neutral color creates depth compared to stronger colors. This makes the space look bigger and deeper.

Neutral shades might not be bold; they might not scream for attention, but they bring comfort and clarity in their softness and subtlety. In these balanced, tactile spaces, our minds are able to focus, undistracted, and out thoughts become clear and free.

image credits: Jotun 

3. Nostalgic pastels- Create a nostalgic and contemporary look.

home interior colorColour is crucial to artistic expression; it can give life to ideas and introduce emotions to otherwise empty spaces. The colors that we choose for our homes send messages about who we are and the way we see the world. These hues are meant to adorn inspirational and uplifting spaces where new ideas can be born, daydreams can be indulged, and fancies can take flight.

Nostalgic Pastel is a palette for aesthetes and connoisseurs – those who appreciate design, heritage, and art history. It is intended for the curated home, where carefully chosen artworks and decoration objects conjure a sense of highly cultured taste.

The colors are both retro and forward-looking, bringing vintage touches to contemporary interiors and evoking the mid-century style of the Nordic regions. Refined and seductive, these colors complement and enhance, never dominate or overpower.

image credits: Jotun 

4. Nordic Hues- Shades inspired by the spirit of stillness

home interior colorWhile the earth grounds us, the sky and sealifts us up. They open our minds to the infinite and the unknown, encouraging us to find tranquility in a remote wilderness or a distant horizon.

The grey-blue of the ocean, white wisps of cloud, mountain stone… these are the colors of wild and far-flung places and the kind we retreat to when we want to immerse ourselves in nature and find peace in its silence.

In a world of noise and distraction, botanical shades and stone greys cultivate a sense of simplicity. These shades make spaces into sanctuaries and make the home a place of reflection and rest.

image credits: Jotun