ARC Construction

The building and renovation arm of BeIn, we put in place the structures of your beautiful space...

Close Collaboration

As an in house unit of BeIn we work closely with the architect and interior design team to ensure specifications are met.


We not only build homes with sustainability features, but we also ensure minimal wastage in our building methodology.


We deliver strong, sturdy builts, using quality materials with exceptional workmanship.

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One of the biggest hurdles in implementing a succesful interior design project is the inability of the interior design team to communicate effectively and clearly with the building team, leading to delays, rework and often times cost overruns.

It is with this in mind, we established our very own contruction and renovation arm, led by Mr. Alex Chow who has accumulated over 18 years of experience in the construction and housing development industry.

The benefits of having our own team has reap us many rewards in being able to deliver a high quality interior design project for the benefit of our clients.


From architecture, to design and procurement of furnishings, BeIn is the only one you need to get your interior design project off the ground. You do not need to scurry around from one place to another. 

We believe in sustainable interior design, creating spaces that are energy efficient and utilizing materials that have low environmental impact. A safe, non-toxic place for living & working by BeIn




We're privileged to be associated with these prestigious brands and are proud to be continously involved in their interior design projects.

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Ms. Ng Phuay Ching

  • Designer of the year 2010
  • Designer of the year 2013
  • UK Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2015 Category: Luxury Interior Design Studio
  • Asia Pacific Property Award Interior Design 2016 Category Apartment
  • Asia Pacific Property Award Interior Design 2016 Category Private Residence
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